Probe Cams selects Ariba to receive invoices electronically

Probe CAMS Systems has taken its first step towards improving time and cost-intensive manual processes. By turning to Ariba and its Quadrem Network it can now:

  1. Receive invoices electronically
  2. Gain greater visibility into full order history, from purchase through payment
  3. Enhance data accuracy across transactions
  4. Eliminate duplicative work
  5. Reduce processing costs
  6. Speed cycle times
  7. Strengthen audit trail and controls
  8. Improve forecasting

Ariba and Probe Cams comment on their invoice automation project

Nicolas Glossoti, Managing Director of Probe CAMS:

  • “We had a huge backlog on a significant amount of invoices where no action was taking place.”
  • “There was a lot of unreliability with our previous system of emailing documents. With electronic invoicing, we have been able to consolidate our process and better manage and control it across our organization.”

Deon Mocke, Regional Vice President, Quadrem Africa:

  • In today’s business world, who you know and how you connect with them will ultimately determine your success. To gain competitive advantage, companies must look beyond the four walls to connect and collaborate more efficiently with their customers and suppliers. And as innovative organizations like Probe CAMS have found, Ariba’s Quadrem Network is an ideal platform to do just this.”

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