Palette welcomes US Farathane in its family

As we have shown before, Palette is doing well. That might even be an understatement. The enterprise has recently opened the e-invoicing door for US Farathane, a supplier of highly engineered plastic fabricated components for the automotive industry. Palette offers US Farathane a web-based invoice automation solution. The eventual goal is to enhance financial management and improve efficiencies.

Annually processing 40.000 bills

US Farathane has to handle approximately 40.000 invoices on a yearly basis. The company thought that it might be a good idea to speed up the processing, approving and scheduling for payment of these bills. In other words, minimizing paper handling and reducing the amount of time spent by accounting personnel on administrative tasks involved with manual invoice processing. Let’s just say that they want to earn themselves some dollars.

US Farathane’s response

Roxanne Imrick, Accounting Manager for US Farathane, puts it as followed:

  • “We wanted a solution that could standardize accounts payable processes across our business, and simplify workflow for our staff while giving complete visibility and auditability of our financial position. With PaletteInvoice, we expect to be able to focus more on financial analysis, management and control, instead of routine tasks such as chasing authorisations or lost documents.”

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