SAP and ARIBA integration visualised [infographic]

May 30, 2012  |  Merger, Acquisition, Funding

Clearly when something this big comes up, we are going to look for ways to display what is going on as clearly as possible. Working our way to the massive amounts of (most low quality) posts on this issue, we found this gem of a post by ZD Net.

It of course contained some more detailed content on the 4,3 billion dollar (some say 4,5 billion, but hey who cares) acquisition. But it also contained two images made by SAP. The first picture shows how SAP and Ariba relate to each other. The second images shows what happens when Ariba’s Network and SAP’s Application Expertise are combined.
 SAP and ARIBA integration visualised [infographic]


 SAP and ARIBA integration visualised [infographic]

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