EU E-invoicing Forum asks you: provide useful definition of terms

April 17, 2012  |  Europe, Research

Next to the other Working Groups of the European e-Invoice Multi Stakeholder Forum, the Working Group for Task 4  (standardisation and interoperability) is giving follow-up to the assignment it has been given.

One of the activities that came into the spotlight during the last meeting of the European e-Invoice Multistakeholder Forum in Brussels was dealing with the terminology and definitions that are being used in the context of electronic invoicing. It was agreed that an un-ambiguous use of terminology and definitions would no doubt foster the adoption and progress of the deliverables.

Useful definition of e-invoicing terms

In order to obtain a useful ‘definition of terms’ the Working Group recently agreed to consult the members of the European e-Invoice Multistakeholder Forum, and via them their constituencies. And you are part of that constituency….

Please find below a list of Terms for which a definition should be given. Note that:

  • This is not an exhaustive list - please add Term(s) if you think that they are relevant and missing from the list
  • The sequence is random; it does not imply relevance or priority

On behalf of the EU E-invoicing Forum we would like to ask you to provide information on the Terms listed, as:

  1. recognition of the Term concerned,
  2. definition for the Term in use by your constituency,
  3. dependency or relation between a Term and other Term(s),
  4. additional information on the Term that is considered relevant.

E-invoicing definitions

The Task4 working Group has sofar come up with this non-exhaustive list:

  1. Semantic model
  2. Syntax
  3. Data set
  4. Content standard
  5. Format standard
  6. Business Requirement
  7. Business Requirement Specification
  8. Context
  9. Scope
  10. Information Requirement
  11. Information Requirement Model
  12. Process Choreography
  13. Data Model
  14. Metadata
  15. Cardinality
  16. Attribute
  17. Property
  18. Association
  19. Business Term
  20. Business Rule
  21. Constraint
  22. Requirement Specification Mapping
  23. Core Component
  24. Data Type
  25. Business Information Entity
  26. Business Object
  27. Business Message
  28. Library
  29. Repository
  30. Syntax Implementation
  31. Syntax Mapping
  32. Standard
  33. XML Schema
  34. Implementation Guideline
  35. Bill
  36. Invoice

A much larger list of definitions can be found in the CEN/ISSS E-invoicing 2 CWA 16049 - Assessing new business processes and technologies for eInvoicing.

Please send your feedback - preferably before 20th April 2012 to Edmund Gray ([email protected]) and Peter Potgieser ([email protected])

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  1. I hope they will find a standard as soon as possible, we are following this forum in order to adapt our online invoicing software to this new standard if it’s possible.