Norway to accept only e-invoices as from 1 July 2012

Is it okay to mandate e-invoicing? That is one of the most debated issues when it comes to e-invoicing adoption. As of July 1st the Norwegian government decide tot only accept invoices from suppliers in electronic format. And also it has appointed service provider EVRY as one of 11 formal access points for all electronic invoices in EHF format.

The decision by the Norwegian Government means that millions of e/invoices will now be sent to a central electronic payment point, which suppliers and public sector bodies can access.

EVRY the single point of Norwegian E-invoices

Figures from Norway’s official procurement body show that up to 11m invoices are received by state bodies, many of which are still in paper format.

Service provider EVRY currently manages a high volume of e-invoice transactions in the country and was chosen for the project as it will be able to effectively manage the on-boarding of suppliers to the new network and already has many customers using the EHF document format.

The company will also team up with the fellow distributors to provide an alternative service to those that do not want to offer the access point service to their clients.


Havard Larsen, head of solutions at EVRY, commented on this bold move:

“The transition to electronic invoicing is a major milestone on the path to complete digitisation of invoice management by the Norwegian public sector. By 1 July this year, almost half a million Norwegian companies will have to start sending their invoices to the State in electronic rather than paper form”

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  1. Olav Astad Kristiansen

    This is not correct. Difi approved EVRY as an access point in the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure, and in Norway there is 11 access point now.

    Olav Astad Kristiansen