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February 23, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, North America

Driven by customer demand, OB10 now delivers compliant services in Mexico. This was made possible through a partnership with the Mexican provider Buzón E.  With certified compliance in Mexico, OB10 now meets the tax and legal regulations of 39 countries around the world.

We discussed it before that Mexico has put in place mandatory electronic invoicing. And, to be honest, that has caused major adoption rates. Perhaps the European Union could learn something from that approach: massive adoption, huge market potential and compliance, all in one. Perhaps a backdraft is the lack in innovation…

About Buzon E

To comply with the mandatory electronic invoicing OB10 selected selected Buzón E. Buzón E:

  • helps its customers to move to a ‘paperless world’ with significant reductions in operational expenses.
  • is part of Grupo Estafeta, leading express and logistics service provider in Mexico
  • is a government authorized certification provider and pioneer of electronic invoicing in Mexico.
  • provides a high security, large volume environment to generate, distribute and manage personalized compliant fiscal invoices
  • uses its platform also for other documents like payroll receipts and tax retention formats,
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Comments on the OB10 and Buzon E partnership

The collaboration between OB10 and Buzon E:

  • strengthens OB10’s service in both local presence and compliance.
  • offer OB10’s depth of knowledge in purchase-to-pay automation and flexible technology to more organizations operating in Mexico, delivering improved payment performance and guaranteed compliance with suppliers.

Or to put in words by Markus Hornburg (OB10) and Benito Celorio (Buzón E):

  • Markus Hornburg, VP Compliance, at OB10:“The OB10 and Buzón E partnership is an exciting collaboration that gives all companies access to our combined 22 years’ e-Invoicing knowledge, experience, data and best practices.”
  • Benito Celorio, Managing Director at Buzón E. “We are proud to participate in OB10’s global network and share our local expertise. We are sure that our combined efforts present an attractive and very productive offering to international corporations doing business in our country.”

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