Cegedim joins the E-invoicing Platform community

February 10, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The E-invoicing Platform proudly presents Cegedim as its latest member. The cooperation between Cegedom and the E-invoicing Platform enables both parties to strengthen their ambitions and reach their goals on e-invoicing and invoice automation.

Cegedim and its e-business services

A dematerialization specialist since 1989, Cegedim designs, develops and markets products and services in the areas of compliant e-invoicing, legally enforceable archiving, and EDI. It executes these activities via its Cegedim dematerialization business unit, which houses its Cegedim EDI, Hospitalis and Qualitrans-Telepharma activities.

Cegedim Global Information Services

Cegedim e-business offers a Global Information Services (GIS) dematerialization platform that incorporates the following services:

  • GIS Sign & Archive

    Lets users affix an electronic signature and time stamp and subsequently archive all types of files in a highly secure electronic vault. Cegedim customers can store and consult their documents either via an integrated web application or by incorporating a web service version into a services portal.

    For example, Sign & Archive electronically exchanges and archives purchasing terms and conditions, pay slips, etc.

  • GIS e-invoicing

    A fiscal electronic exchange solution for suppliers and customer invoices for tax purposes. E-invoices (using the compliant EDI method or with electronic signature) are converted to electronic formats in a manner compliant with local regulations in each country. These invoices are archived via a consultation portal or a call to web services.

    That way, you can dematerialize all of the invoices you issue and receive in a tax-compliant way in every country around the world that permits electronic invoicing.

  • GIS edi

    This service handles all supply chain EDI flows, including sales, logistics and financial documents. The solution caters to the specific needs of a full range of sectors, including mass market retail, automobile, industrial, transport and healthcare sectors. Thanks to Cegedim EDI Network, service, customers can easily connect and exchange data with their business partners.

  • GIS workflow

    GIS workflow service proposes a collaborative workflow capable of electronically processing all types of document and that can be configured to suit company processes and organizations. Its unified portal enables uniform recovery of information from all users at the company and its commercial partner.

Contact Cegedim for your Global Information Services

CEGEDIM E-Business – GIS
Marketing Manager GIS
W: www.cegedim.com
T: : + 33 1 49 09 23 79
E: [email protected]

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