Authentidate Receives Auditor’s Certificate for its Electronic Invoicing Solution with Digital Signatures

January 5, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

Authentidate’s  electronic invoicing solution with digital signatures has been certified by one of the world’s leading auditing firms. It is the first electronic invoicing solution certified as compliant with German bookkeeping and accounting regulations by an independent global auditing firm

Many larger, high profile corporations in Germany, Europe and other countries have used Authentidate’s solutions for many years, including providing electronic invoices with the legally required digital signatures.

Complexity of electronic invoicing

The complexity of global e-invoicing regulations (even after the 2013 EU liberalisation) often makes it difficult for companies to verify manufacturers’ declarations regarding software compliance with statutory regulations.

Authentidate now has taken a proactive step to simplify this decision for companies by having its signature software solution tested and certified by an independent trusted authority.

Such certification enables Authentidate to offer a new level of trust and further proof of quality to its customers and business partners. Certification gives companies greater protection of their investment in software and significantly increased security in their electronic invoicing processes.


Jan Wendenburg, President and CEO of Authentidate International AG states:

  • “This is an important enhancement to one of our leading signature-based business process solutions,”
  • “Authentidate’s electronic invoicing solutions have always provided a leading level of legal compliance for digital signatures. With this software certification from a leading auditing firm, however, we are now able to provide our new and installed customers with a clear and written statement from an independent third party about quality and compliance with statutory requirements of our digital signature software.”

The full text of the certificate, including important terms and conditions regarding the scope of the auditor’s certification, can be found here.

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