Ariba enhances its SMART INVOICING proposition

With the global economy feeling uncertain, companies of every size makes managing cash and working capital their number one priority. That is why Ariba is arming them with the tools they need.

The latest release of Ariba´s collaborative commerce platform. Designed to enhance their smart invoicing capabilities, new features within the release enable organizations to further streamline global invoice processing, support complex compliance requirements, and improve business commerce collaboration.

Streamlined Invoice Processing

Delivered as an on-demand service Ariba’s Invoice Management™ solution features smart invoicing capabilities. Smart because:

  • e-invoices undergo an automated validation process upon supplier submission.
  • smart validation eliminates errors and rework so only accurate and approved invoices reach AP.
  • validated invoices are directly to ERP systems for on-time payment and discount capture.

By putting a smart invoicing process in place, companies can:

  • Reduce operating costs by 70% or more
  • Enable 98% touchless invoice processing
  • Minimize risk of overpayments and fraud

With the new features baked into the latest release of Ariba Invoice Management, companies can take things a step further and:

  • Accelerate processing of valid PO and non-PO invoices
  • Perform automated, detailed PO-line level matching on any invoice, including scanned invoices
  • Simplify management of rejected invoices and dispute resolution

Expanded Global Coverage

As we all know Ariba bought b-process, France’s largest electronic invoice network and one of the largest e-invoicing networks in Europe.

Combined with the latest release of the Ariba collaborative commerce platform, Ariba enables organizations to more effectively execute a global e-invoicing strategy. Supporting VAT compliance, e-archiving, and country-specific e-invoicing requirements.

  • Configure up to 40 business rules at the country level and apply them to e-invoice templates, which include default e-invoice configuration by country
  • Capture withholding tax support critical in certain countries for specific suppliers
  • Prevent header-level taxes and discounts when lines on an invoice are subject to different tax rates
  • Automatically select titles for invoices and credit memos that follow country-specific guidelines

Improved Collaboration

With the latest release of the Ariba collaborative commerce platform, buyers and sellers can improve their ability to gain visibility into the timing and status of payments and thereby improve their cash flows. To date, companies using Ariba Discount Management have been able to:

  • Increase early payment discount capture from 35% to even 90%
  • Expand supplier discount participation to over 20%
  • Achieve discounts of 1.95%
  • Capture over $2 million in early payment discount savings for every $1 billion spend

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