Liaison Technologies Announces Intelligent Mapping Intuition

December 28, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Standards

Liaison announced its next-generation mapping tool. Its tool is the first to incorporate an inference engine to accelerate the creation of maps from data samples. Learning as it goes, Mapping Intuition uses artificial intelligence in order to rapidly generate more accurate maps next time.

This sounds a pretty good competitor for the tool from ECMarket.

Map Intuition

Liaison says that Intelligent Map Intuition is a paradigm shift in data mapping:

  • it combines an inference engine with a user interface that rapidly guides users through the process of finding the best mapping recommendations.
  • Map Intuition’s inference engine analyses the  sample source and target data and then presents the user with several suggestions for mappings,  based on relevance.
  • The user can then easily use the suggestions to look for the correct mappings.
  • Learning as it goes, MI uses artificial intelligence in order to rapidly generate more accurate maps in the future.
  • This way it increasingly produces better recommendations the more it is used.
  • Unlike the more traditional approaches to auto-mapping, which require a significant amount of preparatory work on the part of the user.

The guys behind the innovation

Robert Fox, Liaison’s Director of B2B/EAI Software Development explains: “Integration projects can live or die based on how difficult and time-consuming it is to get translation maps in place. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the inference engine does all the heavy lifting associated with map creation and leads users to the best solution much more quickly than has ever been possible before.

Map Intuition, the Analysis and Reporting Module, and the Specification Management Framework is available now from Liaison Technologies. For more information, visit

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