E-invoicing News: 3i Infotech and ORCC team up | E-invoicing with ShipServ TradeNet platform

3i Infotech Billing & Payments and Online Resources Team to deliver a complete EBPP solution

3i Infotech Billing & Payments and ORCC announced a reseller agreement to  deliver a complete electronic payment and processing solution to customers. Never heard of them?

Well, 3i Infotech Billing & Payments is US provider of software and solutions for the end-to-end corporate revenue chain. And ORCC can be found on NASDAG and is known as Online Resources Corporation: a financial technology provider.

Introducing both billing/payment providers

First ORCC. It has a proprietary payments network, claimed to be one of the largest in the industry, with direct links to virtually all U.S. banks with more than 8,000 billers. ORCC says they power more than 250 million payment transactions annually.

Second: 3i Infotech Billing & Payments. They claim to be the largest provider of outsourced remittance processing, one of the largest third party billers, and a leading provider of payment processing platforms and technology. They also claim that each year, they manage the presentment of one out of every 25 consumer statements mailed in the US. Pfoei.

The deal

The companies agreed to integrate ORCC Payment Advantage solution with 3i Infotech’s presentment and processing solutions. Now let them do the talking:

  • Lynn Boggs, CEO, 3i Infotech Billing & Payments:
    “This joint offering allows organizations to add advanced electronic channels to their billing and payment strategy while at the same time simplifying and streamlining those processes.”
  • Eric M. Labiak, Chief Sales Officer for Online Resources:
    “Our collective understanding of customer needs has allowed us to create a joint solution for expanded capabilities without placing additional burdens on internal support resources and infrastructure.”

Major ship suppliers sign up for e-invoicing through ShipServ TradeNet platform

Seven major ship suppliers including leading ship chandler Hanseatic Marine Services have signed up to use e-invoicing services through the ShipServ TradeNet platform.

Over the last few months, thousands of invoices have been successfully transferred through the platform using an MTML translation service. ShipServ expects that many more suppliers will connect the next few months.

With e-invoicing, buyers are able to process invoices faster and better into their back-office ERP system. They are also better able to align invoices with purchase orders and eliminate manual errors.

Using ShipServ’s TradeNet platform gives buyers the power to replace a paper or PDF invoice sent from their supplier with an electronic document capable of loading directly into their purchasing/accounting system.

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