E-invoicing News: Avitar and Invoice Cloud partner, 3 Point Alliance chooses Transactis

November 28, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment

Avitar and Invoice Cloud partner to integrate Avitar’s Motor Vehicle system and Invoice Cloud’s online EIPP portal

Can you read this line without a single breath: “Avitar and Invoice Cloud have partnered to provide seamless integration between Avitar’s Clerk/Motor Vehicle system and Invoice Cloud’s web based Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Processing (EIPP) portal which allows customers to access renewal notices online and make payments over the Internet.

So how does it work?

Funny as it may be. This is how it works:

  • Once a month, renewal information is exported by the municipality from the Avitar Clerk/Motor Vehicle system and imported directly into the Invoice Cloud portal.
  • Invoice Cloud provides the municipality with a unique URL link that the municipality can place on its own web site and include on the renewal notices.
  • Customers are able to view and pay renewal notices online using their plate number and a unique PIN included on the notice or by following a link contained in a personalized email notification.
  • Customers with multiple vehicles or multiple dogs are presented with a list of all vehicles or dogs and their corresponding renewal costs. Customers can choose to register one or multiple items at once using a secure and safe web site.
  • All financial transactions are processed through service to accept and manage electronic payments.

Some more features (including one on-boarding killer):

  • The municipality receives 100% of the fees due and there is no transaction charge to the municipality for the electronic payment.
  • OH NO an on-boarding killer!!: Customers are charged a convenience fee for using the service which is clearly presented to customers prior to the completion of the transaction.
  • Customers can choose to suppress paper invoices and receive automatic email notifications, thereby eliminating paper waste and reducing municipal postage and handling costs.
  • Customers have access to eighteen months of invoice and payment history.

3 Point Alliance chooses Transactis as EIPP Partner

3 Point Alliance saw the need to offer an integrated receivables solution that included an expansive set of electronic presentment and payment options. So in a strategic move, 3 Point Alliance is going to use the Transactis software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Transactis provides 3 Point Alliance with a platform to meet the diverse needs of 3 Point Alliance’s B2B and B2C billers: eConsent, dispute management, reconciliation, PDF push billing, flexible recurring payments.


Here they are, the quotes of today:

  • Richard Daidone, President of 3 Point Alliance
    “Transactis’ services are as customizable and scalable as our own. And in partnering with this industry leader in electronic payments, we are able to create a vertical solution across all platforms of the payments industry for our clients.
  • Joe Proto, CEO & Chairman of Transactis
    “Working with the right channel partners who deliver value added receivables solutions to the market is key to our growth strategy. 3 Point Alliance provides their customers with an exemplary level of high quality, comprehensive services. Adding our electronic billing and payment capabilities to their existing remittance processing solutions gives them the ability to now address the complete receivable needs of their customers.”

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