Liaison Technologies Partners with DWG to Create Supplier Enablement Program

Liaison Technologies launched its Supplier Enablement Program (SEP) Services. These on-boarding services help enterprise hub customers improve and empower their supply chains with B2B technology.

Liaison’s SEP Services are enabled through Liaison partner DWG, an Atlanta-based consulting company that works with supply chain communities to bring trading partners together through technology.

Liaison is rolling out its SEP Services to its enterprise hub customers beginning this month (December 2011). For more information, please contact Nathan Camp (ncamp[at]liaison[dot]com), Channel Manager for Liaison Technologies.

So why hire DWG?

DWG is dedicated to increasing the operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall value of trading partner relationships. It creates enablement programs unique to its customers’ needs that provide trading partner communities with a fast-track approach for identifying and implementing complementary technology platforms in areas such as EDI, ERP, and supply chain management.


A day without quotes, is a day without living. So here they are:

  • Rob Consoli, Liaison’s Executive Vice President of North American Sales
    “Providing our enterprise customers with the services they need to build more effective supplier communities extends the value of the Liaison B2B platform and is beneficial to all involved,”“Inefficiency is a constant challenge for any supply chain and technology is one of the fastest, easiest ways to combat it.”
  • Andy Davies, President of Sales and Partner Development at DWG
    “We’ve found that standard enablement programs don’t really enable at all. SEP Services let all parts of a trading partner community contribute meaningfully: technology providers focus on their technology, enterprise hubs and suppliers focus on running their businesses, and DWG focuses on marketing and administering a program that delivers higher adoption rates by ensuring suppliers choose-and use-the right technology.”

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