Are 39% of the global AP invoices, electronic invoices already?

November 16, 2011  |  Europe, Invoice Automation, Publications, Research

As we said before, every other day you can find a report somewhere on electronic invoicing, AP automation, or something alike. This time the honour is for the Institute of Financial Operations, assigned by Brainware to say something meaningful on AP automation.

The result is 38 pages of statistical AP automation goodness.

Current global e-invoicing adoption at 39%?

The overall conclusion of the report is that 61% of invoices in accounts payable departments worldwide still paper-based. That is really something. Why, you want to know?

Because that automatically has as consequence that 39% of the invoices in accounts payable departments worldwide are: electronic invoices

Just imagine this: 39 out of every 100 inbound invoices are electronic invoices. That can only mean that the e-invoicing adoption is going a lot faster than we’ve thought.

Wait, there is more.

But, how representative is the IFO survey on AP Automation actually?

Here comes bad part. The survey had only 551 respondents. Nearly 80% of the respondents were from North America -based companies. These respondents looked at the AP automation within several global business sectors and healthcare respondents made up 18,3% of the survey.

That makes it hard to substantiate the overall conclusion on both paper invoices and electronic invoices. Sorry.

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