Tieto to deliver EDIEL transaction service to Vattenfall

June 15, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

Vattenfall AB has chosen to deepen the cooperation with Tieto in electronic message exchange services and again selects the company as their partner for EDIEL (Electronic Data Interchange for the electricity industry) traffic in Sweden.

The extended agreement is valid until 2014 and means that Tieto will provide and manage Vattenfall’s EDIEL transaction traffic. For Vattenfall, this means cost-effective and sustainable business to business transactions.

-  We are delighted that Vattenfall selected Tieto’s message exchange service. Vattenfall has been a valued customer to Tieto for many years, and the renewed trust shows that we have succeeded well in our delivery of the EDIEL service throughout the years, says Mikael Normelli, Tieto, Sales responsible regarding integrations services towards Vattenfall AB.

Tieto’ expertise in the integration area was the foundation for the Swedish EDIEL transaction market.  In 2005, when the Swedish Energy Agency transferred the responsibility for their EDIEL traffic to the open market, Tieto started offering EDIEL as a managed service. With more than 15 years of experience from operation of EDI traffic, Tieto is today a leading provider of electronic message exchange services.

Currently approximately fifty percent of the Swedish EDIEL traffic passes through Tieto’s electronic message exchange service.

During 2010, Tieto handled 763 million electronic transaction messages for the financial-, telecom- and utilities sectors together. 219 million of these replaced printing and physical distribution via mail.


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