DILICOM chooses Accelya to roll out its e-invoicing project

May 27, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Accelya 230x20021st February 2011: Accelya, an expert in electronic invoicing and paperless financial flows, has been chosen by DILICOM, an interprofessional service in the field of books, to develop its DILIFAC invoicing platform.

Objectives: boost the number of tax-compliant electronic invoices in structured format to 1 million, and double this number by the end of 2012 thanks to e-invoices in PDF format.

DILICOM is extending its electronic invoicing project to signed PDF and, on that occasion, is changing operator. The new operator is Accelya, a specialist in electronic invoicing and paperless flows, which was chosen in 2010 as a result of an invitation to tender. This reinforces a strong partnership between DILICOM and Accelya dating back almost 20 years.  The objective is to reach a total of 2 million tax-compliant electronic invoices within two years.

DILICOM is an interprofessional company which facilitates the development of electronic exchanges between actors in the book industry - publishers, distributors and booksellers - in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. It works with a network of 15,000 publishers, 8000 bookshops and 1500 distributors for more than one million titles in its electronic catalogue.

The DILICOM platform not only allows any bookshop located in France or abroad to place orders with all the distributors supplying the majority of what the French publishing market has to offer, but also to see the book descriptions, check availability, receive dispatch notes, etc. This platform is the result of a partnership of almost twenty years with Accelya, since its launch at the start of the 90s, passing through hosting, message handling, maintenance, development of new activities… Today for example, 95 million lines of orders and 45 million lines of dispatch notes are issued each year on the platform.

DILICOM thought of electronic invoicing for its clients in 2004 and the first electronic invoices were sent at the end of 2006.  At the end of 2009, the company hoped to extend its electronic invoicing perimeter to offer, in addition to tax-compliant electronic invoicing in structured format, tax-compliant e-invoicing in signed PDF to new clients. This new project would be the subject of an invitation to tender which would evolve into a global invitation to tender a few months later that was won by Accelya.

“Over almost 20 years, we have developed a strong link with Accelya.  We wanted to find again strong customer relationships in this project, to manage electronic invoices and their follow-up in a much more flexible way, and to develop economies of scale between our traditional activities and electronic invoicing. We needed a true partnership to develop electronic invoicing”, explains Vincent Marty, General Manager of DILICOM.

After a few months of development, the project was migrated on 1st January 2011. “Reversibility exists contractually but we seem to be acting as pioneers in the field.  This project has had 2 sensitive aspects to take into account: DILICOM is the operator for actors in the book world, in other words bookshops and publishers, and it involved migrating the entirety of one of our activities, so there could be no interruption in the service “, adds Vincent Marty.

Today DILICOM dematerialises more than 730,000 invoices in structured format.  The objective is to reach 900,000 to 1 million invoices in structured format in the near future, and to reach the same number much more quickly thanks to signed PDF, in order to double the number of electronic invoices within 2 years.

By the end of 2012, with the help of Accelya, DILICOM should have dematerialised almost 2 million invoices for 30 to 50 distributors, out of the 1500 members on the DILICOM platform.


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