Vandeputte Safety adopts Certipost e-Invoicing

 Vandeputte Safety adopts Certipost e InvoicingSafety specialist Vandeputte Safety from Boechout (in the province of Antwerp) turns to Certipost for electronic invoicing. As a supplier of protective clothing and other safety products, Vandeputte sends more than 200,000 invoices a year to its customers throughout the Benelux and France. A part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, Vandeputte Safety wants to reduce its environmental footprint. Sending invoices by electronic way contributes 100% to achieving this goal.

Vandeputte Safety aims at reaching 50% of its customer base through Certipost e-Invoicing. Via the Certipost open communication platform, named CertiONE, any type of company, from small businesses to multinationals, can safely exchange legally valid invoices and other commercial documents in electronical form. The data traffic on CertiONE is based on the one-to-many model, which means that the sender does not have to set up a separate link with each recipient. The central CertiONE platform provides a single point of access for all communications.

“We have opted for Certipost because of the high percentage of customers we have in common,” explains Peggy Daneels, ICT Director at Vandeputte Safety. “We want to approach as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible. So its is definitely an advantage that many of our customers are already connected to CertiONE.”

For companies that are working with specific accounting software, Vandeputte Safety proposes an integrated approach. “This means that the customer receives the e-invoice through CertiONE in the format of his choice so that invoice data can be automatically uploaded and processed in his accounting system,” clarifies Peggy Daneels. “This is not only beneficial to the environment but also makes the invoicing process much more efficient.”

For companies taking their first steps in electronic data exchange, Certipost provides a very accessible alternative. They can easily receive electronic invoices from Vandeputte Safety via a free secure mailbox on the internet. “No installation is required at the customer’s end. An internet connection and a user account is all he needs to get started,” continues Peggy Daneels. “All e-invoices that the customer receives from us are available centrally in his secure mailbox on the CertiONE platform. And as soon as a new invoice comes in, an automatic notification is sent to his standard email address.”


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