Cegelec adopts inbound e-invoicing

April 21, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

 Cegelec adopts inbound e invoicingTechnological services provider Cegelec Belgium will soon be receiving invoices electronically from several suppliers via CertiONE, Certipost’s platform for secure document exchange over the internet. Cegelec will be using the same channel for sending electronic orders to its supplier Cebeo, a distributor of electro-technical equipment.

A major advantage CertiONE represents for Cegelec is the large business community already connected to the platform. CertiONE links more than 85,000 companies from various sectors with their suppliers and customers in Belgium and throughout Europe. No separate connection has to be set up with each trading partner. The platform acts as an electronic sorting centre and translation service. The sender provides his documents in the format of his choice, and Certipost delivers them quickly and flawlessly to the recipients in the format they prefer.


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