OB10 to provide Scottish Water with a e-Invoicing solution

April 8, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

OB10 announced that it has signed an agreement to provide Scottish Water with both e-Invoicing and PO services; further extending the number of leading utilities providers on its network.

Scottish Water is a UK-based water provider operating in Scotland. This move will enable the company to add OB10’s e-Invoicing solution to its accounts payable department, and will therefore help to streamline the process of receiving, reconciling and delivering accurate invoices in a timely manner.

Stefan Foryszewski, SVP Business and Product Development, OB10, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Scottish Water to promote our e-Invoicing services and help build on our e-Invoicing network. E-Invoicing brings not only financial but also green benefits, and I am confident Scottish Water will see a vast difference in the speed and efficiency of its invoice processing as a result. We have a number of clients, including EDF and Severn Trent Water, working to deliver excellent utilities services and pride ourselves in understanding the nature of the market and its requirements.”

Scott Turkington, Financial Services Manager, Scottish Water, commented: “In recent years we have significantly increased our purchase-to-pay process efficiency, whilst improving payment on time to suppliers. To further improve performance to truly world class levels we identified greater Accounts Payable automation as a priority. After a thorough selection process we have chosen OB10 to streamline our processes; improve speed and accuracy; and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint, moving to a paperless office.”


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