British Energy switches to e-Invoicing with OB10

June 30, 2009  |  Uncategorized

British Energy, part of EDF Energy, the UK’s largest electricity generator, has today announced its decision to implement electronic invoicing with OB10, the world’s leading e-Invoicing network.

British Energy selected OB10 after identifying an immediate opportunity to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the payment process. The company already has good terms with its suppliers, but wished to improve the efficiency and cycle time of the process.

OB10 was selected due to the fact that the solution British Energy needed had to be flexible and have the potential, in the long term, to accommodate all of their suppliers. British Energy had evaluated EDI previously and understood that it is limited to suppliers that send very high volumes of invoices. It was therefore too costly for the number of suppliers that would be able to use it. As OB10 manages supplier enrolment and the OB10 solution enables organisations of all sizes to send invoices electronically, this was the ideal solution for British Energy.

Robert Gilhooly, business services manager (finance), British Energy said: “We were looking to make our accounts payable department more efficient and improve invoice processing accuracy and efficiency.We were aware of OB10’s reputation and track record of supplier enrolment and feel that we will be able to achieve our objective of having a more efficient team. This in turn will allow us to bring additional services into our Shared Services group, without having to grow the size of the operation in the short term.”

Gilhooly added: “We are already on very good terms with our suppliers, however e-Invoicing will allow us to pay our suppliers across the country more efficiently and therefore further strengthen our ties with them. Joining the OB10 network offers us a flexible solution which supports our suppliers, enabling suppliers of any size to benefit from e-Invoicing. OB10 has a significant presence among our current supplier base and this was also a key factor in their selection. Using e-Invoicing will allow our Shared Service function as a whole to manage more work and add more value across the organisation.”

Jamie Gunn, CEO of OB10, said: “We’re thrilled that another blue-chip company such as British Energy has joined the OB10 e-Invoicing network. We believe that the level of support we offer to both our customers and their suppliers is unrivalled in this industry. The speed at which OB10 can deliver an e-Invoicing
programme, which also ticks all the legal and compliance boxes, makes us an ideal partner for a forward thinking organisation like British Energy.”

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