ACBI changes business name into CBI Consortium

January 21, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications

The creation of the CBI Consortium - Customer to Business Interaction, which replaces the Interbank Corporate Banking Association created by ABI in 2001, was approved on 20th of May 2008 during the ACBI annual meeting. The new CBI Consortium, established in Rome, was created to ensure an even more efficient management of Interbank Corporate Banking; this service allows companies to connect easily, swiftly, and safely with the banks where they hold current accounts, through a single electronic connection. The goal of the Consortium is to plan and develop standards, guaranteeing that they are certified, and to define a reference regulatory framework; this would allow banks to carry out an online connection and dialogue with the clientele, with a view to interoperability both at national and international level.

Read the document about this transformation below:


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