First PEPPOL e-invoice sent from Denmark and received in Sweden

Peppol 230x200From the PEPPOL DK Community, Thorkild B Westergaard:

SV in Sweden has March 2, 2011 successfully received its first PEPPOL BIS invoice from Alfa1lab in Denmark. Alfa1lab issued the invoice in the CENBII/PEPPOL format. It was sent, received and acknowledged in accordance to the PEPPOL messaging infrastructure. The invoice was then imported into the e-invoice workflow in Agresso at ESV where it was assessed, approved and paid.

ESV is already today working with domestic e-invoices and scanning of paper invoices.

“Compared to the scanning procedure, this electronic invoice saved us 20 minutes of manual work” says Anne Behrens from ESV. It will also stream line cross border e-invoices with the processing and archiving of domestic electronic invoices.

The approval and payment initiation of the invoice is done in the Agresso e-invoice workflow at ESV.

ESV is now looking forward to connect more suppliers as this first transaction can be considered to be a milestone that proves the usefulness of PEPPOL.

Technical note and key specifications used for this transaction:
Secure Trusted Asynchronous Reliable Transport (START)
Service Metadata Publishing (SMP)
Service Metadata Locator (SML using pilot-test addressing data)
PEPPOL  BIS4 (CEN/BII Core Invoice based on OASIS Universal Business Language 2.0 xml-syntax)

ESV Ekonomistyrningsverket is a central administrative agency under the Ministry of Finance in Sweden.

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