News update: week 46

November 22, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Automation

Elavon announces Enterprise Billing Solution (EBS) for EBPP and merchant card processing services:
18-11-2010 10:37:13

@Zuora raises $20 Million - Investors Recognize the Power of Subscription Billing as a Billion Dollar Industry:
18-11-2010 10:28:23

Sprint Partners With @Doxo To Offer Customers A New And Convenient Paperless Option:
18-11-2010 10:24:18

Carrillion, the construction and support services group, to save another £86m trough #einvoicing. via @purchaseinsight
18-11-2010 10:22:13

The Trade Standard Evaluation Group approved the ISO 20022 (UNIFI) standard for electronic invoices on the 29th of October 2010. #einvoicing
18-11-2010 10:12:12

RT @scanyours_epart: Electronic invoicing in Denmark saves businesses there 50 million euros per year…
18-11-2010 10:08:54

RT @mcislog: The Coming Price War in E-Invoicing|Good points about pricing dynamics of eInvoice services #EDI #eInvoice
18-11-2010 10:08:15

RT @Macostalab: The best online invoicing and billing tools for web designers [and independent contractors]
18-11-2010 10:07:03

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