Basware introduces services for accounts receivable processes

June 24, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing

Basware, the global leader in purchase-to-pay solutions, today announced the addition of supplier functionality to its Basware Connectivity services.  Basware Connectivity for Suppliers enables Accounts Receivable departments to deliver all sales invoices electronically to their customers, irrespective of the invoice format required by the customer organization.
With Basware, Accounts Receivable departments can achieve a 100% e-invoicing capability from day one. E-invoicing increases invoice accuracy, as well as ensuring that invoices are sent on time and have been received.  This results in increased visibility over the entire process, facilitating cash flow forecasting as well as increased customer satisfaction as customers are able to process invoices electronically.

Basware Connectivity for Suppliers ensures timely delivery of sales invoices through the Basware Business Transactions service. Accounts Receivable can send all their sales invoices to all customers through one single service, which generates instant time and cost savings in reduced postal charges.  Basware routes the invoices to the appropriate delivery channel according to customer capabilities. To ensure delivery in the correct format for all customers, Basware provides Accounts Receivable with an outsourced printing service and the ability to deliver invoices by email to customers not yet able to receive e-invoices directly to their invoice processing solution. Once invoices have been delivered, they are archived to guarantee integrity, enabling future compliance where there are legal requirements for storing e-invoices.

According to independent research company Billentis, organizations can save as much as 57% per invoice in costs by turning their sales invoices electronic.  Toshiba TEC Germany, a recent Basware Connectivity for Suppliers customer, found in an internal study that by the time a paper invoice was printed, enveloped, stamped and sent to the post office for delivery, the total cost per invoice averaged € 1.61. A comparable electronic invoice costs a mere € 0.40. According to recent calculations, Toshiba is experiencing 75% savings in invoicing costs.

“Electronic payment and purchasing has clear business benefits. The more you get connected with your customers, the more likely it is that they will stay with you,” says Klaus Dieter Leifgen, IT manager at Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH.

“An increasing number of Accounts Receivable departments are facing demand from their customers to provide e-invoices. We are already seeing this become a key criterion in vendor selection processes as they seek to improve collaboration across their supply chains,” said Esa Tihilä, SVP, Basware. “With these new services, Basware Connectivity allows Accounts Receivable teams to switch to e-invoicing instantaneously, without having to manage paper processes concurrently to cater for customers who are in the early development phases of their e-invoicing strategy. This allows suppliers to gain competitive advantage over their competitors while catering to the billing needs of existing customers.”

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