Invoice conference: free entry for target group audience

On May 11th, 2010, the third invoice conference will take place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

A Belgian Invoice Conference is planned for the end 0f 2010. A European Invoice Conference (EEI Conference) is planned for early 2011. You can express your interest for sponsoring opportunities through [email protected].

The Invoice Conference 2010 has a unique format, developed by Factuurwijzer to create value for users, providers and policy makers,  more than regular conferences.

Download the sponsoring opportunities document

Target Audience
The primary target of the Invoice Conference 2010 includes both interested people as users from organisations with more than 10 employees, but smaller companies and ZOHO are welcome to visit the conference free of cost.

These visitors have free* access to the Invoice Conference 2010:
- financial director, manager and financial specialist
- heads employees of billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable departments
- CTO, CIO, IT manager
- policy maker
- controller, accountant
- heads employees of billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable departments
- manager eBusiness, manager eBilling of eInvoicing
- head of information services, head ICT automation
- head of (internal) audit, audit manager

and also:
- suppliers of financial software
- accountants and adminstration offices
- webshops
- creditmanagement organisations
- sectoral organisations

* Free access: using the access code issued after completely filling out the Invoice Monitor 2010. Without the access code the entrance fee is € 79,-.
* Free access for target group visitors from other countries than The Netherlands and Belgium.

Market place
On the biggest information market in the Benelux, service providers and users can exchange specific information and knowledge on e-invoicing and invoice automation. Unlike other conferences,  the visitors remain on the information market floor during the major part of the conference.

Golden Invoices
At the Invoice Conference 2010, best practices on e-invoicing and invoice automation are awarded five Golden Invoices. Four Golden Invoices are awarded by a professional and objective jury. The fifth Golden Invoice is awarded by the audience.

Invoice Monitor
Statistical information on e-invoicing and invoice automation is clearly analyzed and displayed. In the 2010 edition, the use and adoption e-invoicing and invoice automations by users is measured and compared with the situation in 2008.

Interaction before, during and after the Invoice Conference
The marketing ROI of the Invoice Conference starts well before the actual event, starting with the registration for the Golden Invoices 2010. During the Invoice Conference there are several great opportunities to contact the audience. After the Invoice Conference all information is proactively distributed to the visitors and the target group of the exhibitors and sponsors, using the (social) networks of our content partners.

The Invoice Conference 2010 is distinctive because of:

  1. the Invoice Monitor 2010, worth € 500, - which is provided free to the visitors.
  2. free entrance for target group visitors (users).
  3. the award of the five ‘Golden Invoices” for best practices around e-invoicing and invoice automation.
  4. the marketplace, created by the merger of conference and information market: efficient, compact and innovative.
  5. marketing and communication of the Invoice Conference, the Golden Invoices and the Invoice Monitor will go through regular communication channels, as well as social networks and other online tools.
  6. record of all exhibitors and sponsors in the first version of the Invoice Compass 2010.
  7. repeating discount for exhibitors and sponsors. Discount for members of Platform ELFA when investing as an exhibitor.

And furthermore…

  1. to determine the nominees of the Public price Golden Invoices 2010 in their respective categories.
  2. the opportunity for everyone, to candidate an organisation for nomination of the Golden Invoices, even your own organisation.
  3. by many opportunities for transferring knowledge and networking with colleagues, suppliers and other experts
  4. through a ‘traffic-jam free’ program in an easily accessible location, including entry, lunch and dinner buffet.
  5. because of an inspiring location: the Evoluon in Eindhoven

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