CEN/ISSS: Workshop Phase 2 results published

CEN has published the results of its Workshop Phase 2 on ‘Electronic Invoices and Compliance’ in Europe this week.

The open CEN Workshop ‘Electronic Invoices and Compliance’ considers the approved deliverables to be a significant step in standardization regarding electronic invoices in Europe. The results facilitates businesses when implementing the VAT Directive 2001/115/EC and national legislation concerning electronic invoices. The published CEN Workshop Agreements can be used by companies and tax authorities to assess electronic invoice solutions.

The Workshop team has been working closely with the European Expert Group on E-invoicing. This collaboration concludes that its deliverables are aligned with the ongoing activities of industry and the tax authorities.

In Phase 3, the Workshop will continue to focus on integrating efforts in standardization and technical developments. The major objective of the next phase is to provide support for a technical platform to carry out the specific European work that stakeholders require, both in terms of the technical needs expressed in the current CEN Workshop and in the emerging recommendations of the Expert Group.

For more information visit www.cen.eu/go/eINV2 and www.cen.eu/isss or contact [email protected].

This is the new set of officially published CEN Working Agreements:

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