As a member of the EEI Platform, your organisation will receive the latest –background- information from other members, partners and affiliates.

Your organisation will be able to share information with other parties, get access to several initiatives on e-invoicing in Europe and broadcast your products and services.

The membership of the EEI Platform also enables your organisation to efficiently discover and connect to organisations across countries in Europe. Expanding portfolios and interconnectivity possibilities. The transfer of knowledge and insight might even prove to be helpful.

Some other benefits of the EEI Platform membership are:


  • Represent your organisation as an innovator in the field of e-invoicing, invoice automation and/or its related domains.
  • Represent your organisation as being able to create fast benefits for corporates, SME’s, public administrations and banks.
  • Get an extensive profile page on the EEI Platform website. This company profile includes a description, website, address, 125×125 logo, product names and sales department information.
  • Your organisation logo is added to the main page of the EEI Platform website*, the newsletter*, pop-up banners, et cetera. (*=hyperlink included).
  • Broadcast corporate and product information towards visitors partners, potential customers and policy makers.


  • Be the first to receive new (technical, legal, fiscal, product) information, research studies, developments and opinions on e-invoicing in Europe and its Member States.
  • Get access to partner activities, initiatives and information.
  • Get acquainted with local and cross-border products, services, policies and providers.


  • Enhance your level of knowledge on e-invoicing and invoice automation (market developments) with the internal updates and special reports.


  • Participate in (web) meetings and share your knowledge and information with others participants.
  • Get connected with representatives from corporations, SME’s, banks, public administrations, policy makers, service providers and consumers.
  • Participate in accelerating the awareness, adoption and penetration of e-invoicing in your country and across Europe.

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