CEN/ISSS eInvoicing Phase 3: a continuing technical platform

December 11, 2009  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Publications

Today CEN/ISSS presented its business case for the e-invoicing Phase 3 workshop. The overall target of Phase 3 will be “Integration of efforts in standardisation and developments”.

The major objective of the Work Shop is to provide support for a continuing technical platform, compared to the EEI Platform which focuses on awareness and adoption of e-invoicing.



The mission of what is called the technical “CEN e-invoice Platform” is to:

-          be open to the participation of any interested party;

-          be neutral and be without commercial purposes

-          reach stakeholder consensus on standards-related issues;

-          provide the appropriate interface with international and other European standards activities

Target deliverables

The overall target of Phase 3 will be “Integration of efforts in standardisation and developments” in the following technical areas

-          Standards
E-invoicing modules for business software, methodology of software tools, functionalities and specifications for business software requirements.

-          Compliance
Improvement of cooperation between companies and tax authorities, establishment of clear common understanding between companies and tax authorities in EU, accessibility of rules and regulation.

-          Implementation
Best practice implementations with model agreements for electronic invoicing, model processes and SME focussed best practices.

-          Business Process
Integration of electronic invoice in existing business processes.

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