Fry’s Family Foods UK opts for Wesupply’s web EDI solution

Fry’s Family Foods UK, a vegetarian and vegan food manufacturer, has chosen to utilise Wesupply’s web EDI portal to trade electronically with Morrisons, one of their major customers. Fry’s Family Foods were looking for an outsourced EDI solution that would enable them to set up a single connection quickly and easily without having to invest in a fully integrated solution.

The Solution

Wesupply’s web EDI portal is a full-feature order processing and invoicing application that allows businesses to participate in EDI initiatives without having to implement an integrated solution. The portal will allow Fry’s to view and track the flow of messages they exchange with Morrisons through a browser that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Fry’s will also benefit from Wesupply’s fully managed service team who will monitor the platform, ensuring messages are delivered on time and any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The scalability of the Wesupply service will enable Fry’s to trade electronically with other customers should they receive additional requests in the future. Similarly Wesupply also offers a fully integrated solution should the company’s future volumes grow to a point where an integrated solution becomes more practical.

Miranda Taylor, Operations Manager at Fry’s Family Foods:
“With no previous EDI experience, we wanted a web EDI solution that would allow us to meet Morrisons’ EDI requirements, whilst still being able to focus on the day-to-day running of our business.”

Matt Wilcock, Senior Sales Executive at Wesupply:
“Many suppliers embarking on EDI for the first time are reacting to a customer’s EDI request. Our web portal is designed to give companies a low cost, fully managed solution that enables them to meet their customers’ requirements quickly and easily.”



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