Wesupply provides fully managed EDI for three new customers

Wesupply provides fully managed EDI for three new customers

Things are going great for Wesupply as far as we can see. NET LED Lighting has recently signed a deal for Wesupply’s OneTime EDI service, which is fully managed by Wesupply to increase order processing and introduce companies to electronic trading. Next, the James Hargreaves Group has requested that Wesupply manage its EDI connections through OneTime, its established electronic trading service. And last but not least, Stuart Turner has subcontracted its EDI requirements to Wesupply.

NET LED Lighting

NET LED found that its previous method of trading, which involved using fax and email to communicate with its customers, had the tendency to be slow and occasionally inaccurate. Electronic trading can enhance the accuracy and speed of order processing whilst also reducing costs.

With this in mind, the company selected Wesupply for an EDI solution. The EDI service is fully-managed by Wesupply, enabling NET LED to focus on other areas and work on expanding its business. This also ensures that customers can benefit from the company’s service.

Stuart Turner

Water pump manufacturer Stuart Turner believed that outsourcing to Wesupply would enable it to reap the benefits of EDI and implement it without detracting its attention away from its main business.

Wesupply’s OneTime solution will deal with Stuart Turner’s EDI requirements and the company’s service team will oversee network connectivity, message delivery and message validation in order to resolve any issues that may arise.

James Hargreaves Group

The company chose to make use of Wesupply’s established trading network to build EDI connections with its suppliers. By using Wesupply, the James Hargreaves Group are able to trade electronically whilst concentrating on its main business. Wesupply’s EDI service, OneTime, has been created to enhance purchase to pay processes by automating the exchange of orders and invoices.

The service can be accessed via a web portal or directly from back office systems. These two connectivity options have been designed so that all suppliers can use the service, regardless of how advanced their technical abilities are.

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