How much?? Tradeshift and C2FO Partner to liberate trillions in working capital

How much?? Tradeshift and C2FO Partner to liberate trillions in working capital

Tradeshift today announced a global partnership with C2FO to expand dynamic discounting solutions to a broader network of suppliers and buyers. The partnership will provide more suppliers access to the C2FO working capital market to improve cash flow and allow more buyers to increase EBITDA by paying their suppliers early.

Tradeshift and C2FO both enter into this partnership sharing a similar view that suppliers are strategic partners and that it is essential for buyers to help improve the financial health of their supplier chain. Buying organizations using Tradeshift will gain unprecedented access to C2FO’s working capital optimization tools to help their suppliers accelerate payments.

How this works

Suppliers that use the C2FO app on the Tradeshift platform will have access to more affordable working capital and take advantage of the competitive suite of Tradeshift and C2FO collaboration tools in one place. Buyers using Tradeshift will also witness an immediate growth in early payment demand by syncing their suppliers with C2FO. At scale, the increased collaboration can help solve the global problem of delayed payments and working capital accessibility within the supply chain.
The Hackett Group Senior Manager Derrick Steiner:
“Collaborative marketplaces that enable faster invoice processing and higher supplier participation can significantly simplify the process of dynamic discounting and help companies drive real working capital improvements.”

Kevin Daniels, Chief Product Officer at C2FO:
“C2FO exists to provide much-needed working capital to suppliers, at a rate cheaper than any other source of capital. In just five years, our marketplace has delivered more than $15 billion in working capital and over 100 million days of accelerated payment to companies across the globe. Tradeshift shares our belief in helping supply chains flourish, so we are excited to form such an aligned partnership that combines two world-leading technologies into one offering.”

Rinus Strydom, VP Alliances & Solutions Consulting, Tradeshift:
“We’re committed to continually extend value to businesses on Tradeshift through an open and collaborative app platform, and the partnership with C2FO speaks to that. This partnership provides Tradeshift’s ecosystem with the tools to optimize their working capital easier and faster than ever.”

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