Financing the supply chain: what buyers and suppliers need to consider

In this post Ad van der Poel (Senior Vice President, Basware Financing Services) a number of considerations that need to be made in order to really start optimising the use of working capital to support the supply chain.

Following a certain level of automation, organisations then need to ask themselves four questions. From a buyer (or rather, accounts payable) perspective:

•    How do I execute payments?
•    How do I fund payments?
•    When do I make a payment?
•    And if done correctly, could I manage discounts?

And vice versa for the supplier. They should be questioning:

•    How do I want to receive payments?
•    When do I want to receive a payment?
•    How do I fund the period while receivables are outstanding?
•    And if done correctly, do I want to offer discounts?

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