Taulia Appoints Cedric Bru as new CEO, Betram Meyer in Board of Directors

After six years at the helm, Taulia co-founder and former CEO Bertram Meyer nominated Cedric Bru for the position of CEO. Meyer will stay on Taulia’s Board of Directors and focus on two strategic initiatives: the native of Germany will focus on Taulia’s European expansion and the company’s go-to-market strategy.

Taulia continues to build rapid momentum in 2015. After tripling revenue in 2014, the company hired a new CFO, expanded its management team, and raised an additional $15 million in capital.

About Cedric Bru

As Chief Sales Officer, Bru has tripled the company’s revenue for two consecutive years. Since joining Taulia in 2013, he has helped the company more than double its number of customers, build international partnerships, and implemented processes to grow the company’s product, sales, and human resources teams to meet ever-increasing demands. Bru was added to Taulia’s Board of Directors last summer.

Prior to Taulia, Bru was at Syncada from Visa, a global financial supply chain network, where he served as the Global Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. At Syncada, Bru was responsible for the company’s go-to-market strategies and execution, network growth, and strategic business development efforts. Bru has held various positions in the financial services, software, and technology industries, including at Visa and Hewlett-Packard.

Betram Meyer, former Taulia CEO:
“Cedric is an immensely talented and experienced individual who is the perfect person to lead Taulia to new heights,” says Meyer. “Having spent his career growing global teams across the financial and technology industries, Cedric is well-positioned to guide Taulia through its next stage of growth. Cedric’s pedigree gave me the confidence to make this decision and take on a new role.”

Noel Fenton, Taulia board member and General Partner of Trinity Ventures, an early investor in Taulia:
“We know Bertram made this decision with the best interests of Taulia in mind, and the Board was impressed with Cedric’s extensive background in financial supply chain management, his experience building and scaling world-class teams, and his vision for Taulia is the right person to lead Taulia at this junction. We’re thrilled Cedric has accepted this responsibility and confident that he is the right person to lead Taulia through its next growth stage.”

Cedric Bru, new Taulia CEO:
“I see tremendous opportunities for Taulia to help businesses across the globe move to their next level of maturity within their financial supply chain, and I’m excited to lead this company going forward,” says Bru. “Taulia has benefitted so much from Bertram’s leadership during the past six years, and I’m looking forward to continue working with Bertram in the years to come and having him add significant value to our business.”


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