Interview: the future of e-invoicing by Bruno Koch + 2015 trends

In this webinar, with guest Bruno Koch of Billentis, Basware examines e-invoicing trends, separate hype from reality - and do their very best to prepare you for the forces that are changing the B2B landscape in 2015.

Basware predicts 2015 as the year of global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, fuelled by several key trends that will speed up economic growth: (1) innovative financing and e-payment solutions, (2) growing reliance on social and mobile computing, (3) advanced analytics and (4) increased imperatives from governments around the world to remove technical barriers and (5) create open, interoperable business ecosystems.

The continued corporate focus on increasing cash flow will also drive the urgency to create a connected global economy, states Esa Tihilä, CEO of Basware:

B2B commerce will become more agile and responsive as organisations increasingly rely on innovative, online and real-time invoicing and payment solutions to break down trading barriers and country borders,” said. “The corporate push to improve cash flow and the implementation by governments around the world to create a supportive e-commerce infrastructure will further fuel the adoption of e-invoicing and alternative financing options. This will help make connected global commerce a reality for organisations of all sizes.



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