Basware launches Basware Pay, Basware Discount and Basware Factoring

The results of partnership with MasterCard and Arrowgrass Capital Partners are starting to appear, with the establishments Basware’s new business: Basware Financing Services.

Basware’s Financing Services combines payment with financing services for companies of all sizes for buyers and suppliers alike, helping them to optimize their cash and working capital. It is a clear sign that more and more companies see that the e-invoice and PO is enabler for services that add even more value.

The new financing services include Basware Pay, Basware Discount and Basware Factoring:


Basware Pay

Basware Pay is a global e-payment solution offered in collaboration with MasterCard. Basware Pay allows buyers to pay at or after payment terms while making sure that suppliers are paid early with rich remittance data. The solution is ideal for organizations with a long tail of suppliers.


Basware Discount

Basware Discount is buyer-funded supplier financing. Buyers can easily pick and choose which invoices get paid and when. This service is ideal for suppliers with fluctuating cash requirements who need occasional access to cash in exchange for discounts.


Basware Factoring

Basware Factoring is being developed in cooperation with Basware’s newly announced partner, Arrowgrass Capital Partners LLP. Basware Factoring will provide a powerful solution enabling suppliers to receive early payment for invoices, and improve their working capital management with financing provided via Arrowgrass. The transparency and automation provided by the Basware Commerce Network will enable the delivery of invoice financing, on highly competitive terms, to suppliers of all sizes on an international basis.



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