France mandates B2G e-invoicing as from 2017, saving €710 a year

France mandates B2G e-invoicing as from 2017, saving €710 a year

France has a two step approach when it comes to adopting European legislation as we described here. But now France has published a decree requiring all public sector organisations to use paperless billing and processing by ultimo 2020.

Les Echos reported a few days ago that based on this decree large companies supplying the public sector will have to switch to electronic billing in 2017 and SME’s will have to follow in 2020 the latest.

On the basis of 95 million invoices processed annually, the French government expects to save EUR 710 million a year, including EUR 121 million in financial savings and the remainder in man hours, or the equivalent of 11,925 full-time jobs. Businesses are estimated to save EUR 335 million, EUR 83 million of which in financial gains and the remainder in reduced personnel costs. THEORETICALLY OF COURSE :-)

Chorus Factures, similar to Costa Rica?

The government deployed an e-billing platform called ‘Chorus Factures’ in January 2012, but it has been underused. There was even a call for action to improve the use of this platform bij connecting it wit PEPPOL.

The French decided to build a completely new portal at an estimated cost of EUR 40 million over five years. Would it be similar to what happened in Costa Rica? IT service providers are awaiting the launch of the new government project and the potential contracts it will offer.



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