25-11-2008: ePractice.eu - Administrative burden

September 16, 2008  |  Events

In its Action Programme for Reducing Administrative Burden, the European Commission proposes actions in order to reduce the cost stemming from EC and national regulations by 25% until 2012. The cost for businesses for filling forms and reporting according to obligatory regulations is estimated to add up to 3% of the GDP in the EU. Reducing unnecessary obligations could therefore save costs and increase productivity and competitiveness.The Commission is not only concerned with reducing unnecessary EU regulations, but also with accelerating the sharing between national simplification programmes which in many member states already exist. Necessary elements of such programmes are methods for measuring and reducing the administrative burden such as the Standard Cost Model (SCM) and principles, which includes procedural simplification and integrates different reporting processes into one single filing provision.

OBJECTIVES of the workshop

- Discuss and look at how eGovernment can be an effective tool in the reduction of administrative burden for public administration, business and citizens.
- Inform about the present activities of the European Commission by speakers from DG Enterprise and DG Infosoc including the latest call within the ICT PSP Work Programme 2008;
- Provide an up to date overview of the latest activities of the SCM Network;
- Present good practice cases from Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, among others, showing how administrative burden is being reduced for business, citizens and government;
- Provide participants an opportunity to raise questions and discuss these good practice examples with the case presenters in three parallel working groups.

More information to be found on the website of ePractice.eu.


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