How to protect yourselves from counterfeit electronic invoices?

How to protect yourselves from counterfeit electronic invoices?

January 17, 2014  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

Vodafone 150x150 How to protect yourselves from counterfeit electronic invoices? The famous daily newspaper “Die Welt” reported that Vodafone customers currently receive fake mobile phone bills by E-Mail.

Currently many companies suffer from this problem. Such E-Mails are created by foreign, criminal hackers to spy out confidential data, transfer payments or install malware/hijackware. For these customers, it is hardly impossible to recognize the fact that wrong sender on first glance.

To exit the race against the e-invoicing counterfeiters, unequivocal proof of sender’s identity and e-mailadres is necessary. This proof should be obtained with ease for every consumer and customer without any additional computer skills needed.

This can be achieved by using electronic signatures with new, fully automated verification methods that are reliable, simple and understandable for everyone. Authentidate offers such services, that should be incorporated by any self-esteemed biller of any size.

How would the sender proof when a company like Vodafone work?

Modern, fully automatic methods allow each sender to provide its outbound electronic invoice (batches) with a qualified electronic signature. Without having to do anything manually!

The recipient then has the possibility to check an e-invoice, or electronic invoice, via recognized services on the Internet, such as and check the sender’s authenticity and the integrity of the content. Without any doubt.

This simple measure prevents scams like in the recent case of Vodafone.

About Authentidate

AuthentiDate is a pioneer of secure, electronic invoicing.  Many global and renowned companies, such as BOSCH, 1 & 1 Internet AG, WeightWatchers, Alcatel Lucent, AOK, Burton, Deutsche Bahn, Dow Chemical, Enterprise Rent-A-car, FedEx, EVENTIM, OB10, TÜV Rheinland and many others have protected their electronic accounts with products and services of AuthentiDate successfully for years.

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