After Crossgate and Ariba, SAP strikes again and buys Hybris

Once every month we allow ourselves to bring you non e-invoicing and invoice automation news. Last year the SAP whale dropped $4.3 billion to buy Ariba and its huge online marketplace; the year before that it acquired Crossgate, a specialist in business-to-business e-commerce. This year SAP entered  a $37 billion e-commerce market by buying hybris, an e-commerce platform specialist. Food for thought for all of you that like to reflect on what SAP’s strategy might be and how it affects the e-invoicing arena ;-).

“The combination of hybris’ commerce platform with the flagship in-memory platform SAP HANA, analytical and cloud applications, and the SAP Jam social software platform will give SAP a significant edge in delivering new levels of customer insight and engagement across all channels.”


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