CEN eInvoice Gateway and the Country Information Managers

September 27, 2008  |  Featured Articles

After the completion of the first CEN/ISSS eInvoicing Workshop in 2006, a second phase of activities was launched at the kick-off meeting on 7 May 2007.

CEN/ISSS published in 2003 - upon request of the European Commission – a report on the standardization aspects of the VAT Directive (“the eInvoicing Focus Group”), and, the Commission subsequently issued standardization mandate M/339 “in support of interoperability of electronic invoicing in the Community”. In support of the recommendations of the Focus Group, a CEN/ISSS Workshop was created.

CEN Workshop Agreements
This first established a work programme in response to the first phase of the mandate, then in a second phase developed consensus documents for publication as CEN Workshop Agreements. The published CWAs are available at: www.cenorm.be/isss and at: http://www.e-invoice-gateway.net/knowledgebase/

CEN/ISSS eInvoice Phase II
The general objective of Phase II is to stimulate further standardisation in the domain of electronic invoicing accross Europe. The aim is to support the following processes:

-   the compliance of electronic invoice implementations to Council Directive 2001/115/EC and the national
legislation with regard to e-invoicing;

-   the effective implementation of compliant electronic invoice systems in using emerging technologies
and business processes, in business-to-business as well as in business-to-government scenarios and;

-    the emerging network infrastructure of invoice operators throughout Europe.

You will find more information about the CEN ws on e-invoicing here:

CEN ISSS eInvoice Gateway
Phase II of the eInvoice workshop has been broken down into five seperate projects. One of these projects, called ‘enhanced adoption of electronic invoicing in business processes in Europe’ has led to the CEN/ISSS eInvoice Gateway.

The aim of the eInvoice Gateway is to identify the most appropriate national legal practices in the relevant fields of e-business, in order to contribute to the simplification and improvement of the administrative and regulatory framework for enterprises in e-business in the field of accounting.

eInvoice Gateway and the Country Information Managers (CIM’s)
Apart from standard functions on the eInvoice Gateway, such as calendar and documents related to the CEN/ISSS eInvoice Phase II Workshop (CWA’s), the focal lies at the Country Information Managers.

Country Information Managers, in short: CIM’s, are persons with a leading position in the area of e-invoicing in a specific country in Europe. The CIM’s should ensure that it is possible for native speakers of a country to transfer knowledge and share information for that specific country. Therefore promoting the participation of country representatives to the objective of the eInvoice Gateway, the CEN eInvoice Workshop and off course e-invoicing in general.

Each Member State of the European Union has the opportunity to deliver a CIM. The tasks of the CIM are:

-   identifying activities/companies/organizations in the field of e-invoicing in the own country and
informing these parties about this European-wide non-commercial activity;

-   informing about the platform’s mission (native speakers for requests of the respective country) in case
someone wants more information about this CEN activity

-   mentorship (in terms of usability engineering aspects and continuous improvement process aspects).

The number of working days per year needed to carry out a CIM’s tasks is very limited due to the fact that the platform offers easy-to-handle self-enlisting functionalities and easy-to-use search options. The CIM’s role therefore is only to act as a mentor for their own country.


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