A Facebook-like e-invoicing experience for Sage and Kashflow users

February 20, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Invoice Automation, Payment

like A Facebook like e invoicing experience for Sage and Kashflow usersYou must have one or two of them in your circle of friends. And it’s usually a woman. The Facebook fanatic. She knows everything there is to know about everyone, because she keeps close track of the status updates and comments that scroll by. Wouldn’t it be neat if e-invoicing would work in the same way? Just follow a comments thread linked directly to the document. Sage and Kashflow users now have this option with new Tradeshift Apps that integrate into Tradeshift’s free platform.

Natural extension with advantages

Once the apps are activated, a business can manage the process of getting paid by partners as if it were a natural extension of the system — but with all the advantages of Tradeshift E-invoicing. That means knowing when their invoices have been accepted, paid or even discussing important details in a comments thread linked directly to the document. They can also get an idea of their full invoicing situation using a simple news stream that quickly brings them up to date.

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