An old friend: Intrum Justitia’s EPI survey

February 13, 2013  |  Europe, Featured Articles, Payment, Research

epi An old friend: Intrum Justitias EPI surveyAh, there it is again, the call to participate in Instrum Justitia’s renowned study into payment behaviour, payment experiences and payment risks of companies, individuals and governments at local and European level. Yes, the European Payment Index 2013. And Intrum Justitia could really use your help. And what’s 10 minutes on an entire human lifetime? And there’s a bonus, because you get your free copy of the European Payment Index 2013 when you participate. A very useful resource for every entrepreneur.


The European Payment Index is an interesting reference for benchmarks and provides a sound basis for credit management decisions. It also gives an insight into international trends in payment behaviour in Europe. The European Payment Index 2012, for example, shows that 56% of Dutch companies find that late payments have a negative impact on liquidity. Oh, and do not worry, all information is of course strictly confidential and is used only for the purposes of the research. Fill out the questionnaire today.

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