Is 2013 a watershed year for electronic invoicing?

January 31, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Well, it is in the opinion of Nigel Taylor. He determined four drivers that combined must propel 2013 adoption of electronic invoicing beyond the normal growth rates. And to ensure this is a common business activity.

Nigel even suggests that if e-Invoicing fails to go mainstream this year (it will simply continue to grow for the next five years at existing growth rates of 3-5% annually), and from his perspective this will be an opportunity missed.

So what are these four drivers Nigel talks about?

Corporate Supply Chain Risk Strategies
SMEs are Easy to do Business with
The Emergence of the Social Supply Chain
Continued Government Mandates

Read the entire analysis here: 2013, a Watershed Year for e-Invoicing.

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