A bit of extra e-invoicing service: Interactive Voice Response

The E-invoicing Platform would never ever tell you that e-invoicing isn’t the way to go. We truly believe that paper billing is out of date and we hope that our efforts will add to the adoption of online billing. But what if your customer still feels uncomfortable paying online? Or if your customers like the convenience of having someone talk them through the process? And what if they’re unable to connect to the internet? Yes, it happens! Then you may want to consider adding Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to your current billing process.

Invoicing by telephone

Interactive Voice Response? Who? What? Where? IVR automates interactions with telephone callers. Just by following the instructions, customers are able to access their accounts through their telephone from anywhere. It is important to make sure that your IVR aligns seamlessly with your current billing and payment process and software solutions. So you’d better make sure that you test the solution for usability prior to releasing it to your customers.

Business benefits

By using an IVR, you can receive payments sooner. Your employees won’t have to spend as much time on the phone with customers, as it will be automated, and you will save money on resources spent on traditional billing. Best of all, you will gain some happier customers who prefer to pay using IVR instead of through the mail or online.

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