Great idea: embed structured invoice data into a PDF envelope

idea Great idea: embed structured invoice data into a PDF envelopeFeelings run high whenever we write something about PDF invoices. Some say that it absolutely isn’t e-invoicing, while others believe that it is the only “standard” format for electronic documents. Guess we’ll never come to an agreement on the subject, or will we..? Bruno Koch  pointed out to us in his EXPP Summit E-invoicing Newsletter that there are plans to embed structured invoice data (UN/CEFACT CII) into a PDF envelope. Is this the answer to all our problems? What do you think?

How it works

The base for this plan is to be the brand new international ISO standard 19005-3:2012 (also announced on 17 October 2012 as PDF/A-3). A major characteristic of this standard is that users can automatically embed the source documents (e.g. structured e-invoice data) into the generated PDF/A-3 file. Would this be the best of all worlds? It does take into account the requirements of most market segments. It is appropriate for users preferring structured invoice data as well as those using just the image part. Several free tools supporting this standard are already available in the marketplace.

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