Wesupply provides fully managed EDI for three new customers

Things are going great for Wesupply as far as we can see. NET LED Lighting has recently signed a deal for Wesupply’s OneTime EDI service, just like the James Hargreaves Group and last but not least, Stuart Turner. Stuart Turner has subcontracted its EDI requirements to Wesupply.

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Iceland adopts B2G e-invoicing as well

March 5th, 2015 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

In preparation for the switch the government of Iceland ran a number of successful Pilots with Iceland’s hospitals that made costs savings, reduced workloads and lowered interest payments.

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Tungsten authorised for supply chain finance in Germany, France and Italy

Tungsten Early Payment allows SME’s to simply and swiftly maximise their cash flow, at the click of a button.
To date, this service has been offered to US and UK companies and Tungsten is now preparing its invoice financing solution for these mainland European markets.

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eBook: 6 Steps to e-Invoicing Succes

Written by Basware, this e-invoicing e-book is the result of extensive experience in developing and implementing e-invoicing across diverse industries, sectors and markets.

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Telecom Italia offers e-invoicing service to SME’s for a mere EUR 6,50 a month

March 2nd, 2015 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The launch comes shortly before the entry into force of new legislation requiring Italian businesses to submit electronic invoices to public administrations starting 31 March. The e-invoicing service is available at promotional prices starting at a mere EUR 6.50 per month.

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Upgrading Brazil Nota Fiscal 2015: Is your business at risk? [Compliance checklist]

Companies over the last 6 months have been working diligently on upgrading Brazil Nota Fiscal environments to version 3.1 . And while the IT projects is almost over, the business impact has yet to begin.

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Medius grows AP invoice automation business 30 %

February 27th, 2015 by in Adoption, Europe, Invoice Automation, North America

The customer base for AP invoice automation grew by a significant 19 %, based on total number of customer contracts. The biggest growth was on the US market and within the SME market in Sweden.

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5 signs your suppliers may think you’re a thug [Funny movie]

In effort to grow profits, some large businesses take it too far and treat suppliers unfairly, causing ripples down the supply chain that can weaken it. Tradeshift describes the five most common practices that can earn your business a reputation as a thug among suppliers.

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ING partners Basware to offer automated invoice payment

February 26th, 2015 by in Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing, Payment

The e-payment solution makes early payment to suppliers easier while leading to direct cost savings for buyers. An initial estimate shows that buyers could save up to 1% of their indirect spend while suppliers’ liquidity improves as they are paid within 3-5 working days.

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EDICOM becomes EU PEPPOL access point

EDICOM’s accreditation as Access Point for the PEPPOL platform displays once again their commitment to worldwide interoperability. This way, users can link up easily with businesses and administrations from anywhere in the world.

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