Compliance Implications Abound for Maquiladoras in Mexico

June 14th, 2016 by in Electronic Invoicing, Uncategorized

Maquiladoras are a special class of manufacturers in Mexico. They benefit from reduced tax obligations, making business-to-government compliance accuracy even more critical for the companies holding this status. A tax change impacts its tax rating, increasing tax liabilities and affecting cash flow.

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The State of E-invoicing – 2016 Trend Report [Sponsoring opportunity]

E-invoicing is on the rise. The next 5 to 10 years, millions of companies and organisations will be looking for applications, providers, products and services. They start (and validate) their decision making processes by researching information. And in today’s world, the most effective and efficient way of information gathering is by using online and social media resources.

Starting from 2004 numerous daily search queries on e-invoicing, by representatives of these millions of companies and organisations all over the world, have created a massive ‘e-invoicing data set’. Using this data set, this report answers questions like: ‘What are the best en worst performing queries on e-invoicing?’, ‘Which topics are rising faster than others compared to a year, two years or five years ago’, ‘What are the trending topics in Europe, North America, Latin America and in Asia?’, ‘Which providers can be ranked among the stars in their domain?’, ‘Did trends mentioned by experts really take off?’, and so on.

We invite you to become part of this exciting report with unprecedented insights and audience. More details and the sponsoring opportunities about ‘The State of E-invoicing – 2016 Trend Report’ can be found in this document, as well as online here.

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FIT Solutions’ e-Transformation is transforming Turkey

FIT Solutions keeps on being the leading solution partner in e-Transformation® processes of the enterprises in Turkey. The products of FIT, which provides services to 70% of the biggest 2000 enterprises in Turkey.

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BREAKING: Sovos Compliance buys Invoiceware International

With the acquisition of Invoiceware, Sovos is now able to offer the only complete, multi-country Latin American value added tax platform, getting a step closer to his goal of offering the first complete global solution for multi-national companies.

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World Bank supports and strengthens Bangladesh’ e-procurement efforts

June 10th, 2016 by in Asia, Government, Procurement

A new data centre with 200 terra-byte storage capacity will be set up with an additional financing of $10 million that the global agency approved in Washington.

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EC sends 21 member States a letter of formal notice to comply with EU Public Procurement directives

May 30th, 2016 by in Europe, Procurement

“Authorities that have already transitioned to e-procurement report savings between 5 – 20%. With EU Member States spending yearly more than 1.9 trillion euro for procurement, each 5% saved could return almost 100 billion euro to the public purse,” the Commission said.

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Want to sap the strength out of your supply chain? Charge your suppliers portal fees!

May 30th, 2016 by in Adoption, Supply Chain Finance

“In a simple, real-life example, charging supplier fees is like hosting a dinner party and charging your friends for eating your food”, Chris Cauley.

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Anachron adds Paragon Group to its network of Order2Cash output partners

The collaborative and open partnership between Anachron and Paragon enable them to offer a full output programme to mutual customers for their complete billing and invoicing process, as well as other documents.

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Norway: Digitization of B2G invoicing drives B2B invoicing market development

The Norwegian public sector has chosen to communicate through the PEPPOL network and in 2015, approximately 21 million electronic invoices were exchanged via PEPPOL Norway. The number of recipients that are connected to the network increases with more than 50 companies per day.

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Satisfy your customers with simplified payments by AcceptEmail

May 25th, 2016 by in Electronic Invoicing, Payment

AcceptEmail removes all known hurdles like registering, logging, retyping bill data, archiving, payment status delay and lack of proof of payment, you can simplify bill payments for your customers: Simplified Payments.

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