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S4FN Hungary SAP Add-on is ready for Real-Time Invoice Reporting (RTIR)

The S4FN SAP solution generates XML file automatically for the Cloud Portal Solution which you can employ CSV files and send it without any on-premise setup or we can integrate portal with your ERP system.

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From now on, electronic invoicing in Colombia is very simple

The SaphetyDoc Electronic Invoicing platform that allows the easy to handle and online issuance of financial invoices so companies and SMEs can comply with their mandatory duties before the DIAN without any additional investments.

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Sovos announces cloud solution to improve accuracy of use tax payments on purchases

March 7, 2018  |  Compliance, Payment

The new Sovos solution responds to those challenges by providing the most accurate and automated tax software available for use tax and giving tax professionals the tools they need.

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DIAN has qualified 43 suppliers for electronic invoicing services in Colombia

DIAN qualified 43 suppliers towards offering their services of issuance and reception of electronic invoices by means of a software that companies can use to pay for this service. 

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Sovos Achieves ISO 27001 Security Certification in Chile

Sovos has achieved ISO 27001 certification in Chile, becoming one of only 30 technology companies in the country to have obtained the certification. The certification represents the collective work of a combined Sovos and Paperless team.

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EU Commission publishes proposal authorizing Italy to implement mandatory e-invoicing

The EU Commission proposes to decide that Italy is authorised to accept documents or messages only in electronic format as invoices if they are issued by taxable persons established in the Italian territory

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GEP partners with TrustWeaver to offer globally compliant e-invoicing

February 6, 2018  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

As a result, GEP customers can be certain at any moment that the invoices they receive through GEP meet tax requirements in 59 countries for integrity, authenticity, real-time government ‘clearance’ and compliant archiving.

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Paperless by Sovos product has achieved government certification for compliant e-invoicing in Colombia

The latest addition to the Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud safeguards companies doing business in Colombia from mounting risks and costs related to real-time reporting mandates.

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Tradeshift selects Trustweaver as strategic partner to enhance e-invoicing compliance

Through a seamless, cloud-based integration by TrustWeaver, Tradeshift guarantees a larger spectrum of its customers’ electronic invoices subjected to VAT requirements meet compliance regulations.

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Italy’s e-invoicing mandate, Trustweaver will help you remain compliant

The Italian e-invoicing mandate resembles the status in many Latin American and other emerging economies: the invoice must be submitted to an online government platform before it is considered as issued for tax purposes.

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