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eFinans was established in partnership of Finansbank, the youngest and the most dynamic bank of Turkey and Cybersoft, the strong software company. eFinans provides its customers online operational solutions for: integration of e-invoicing, private service provision for e-invoicing, e-invoice archiving, e-ledger, integration of e-billing (the Trukish e-Archive system), private service provision for e-billing, e-bill archiving, registered electronic mail and banking services through e-commerce portal. Following the latest practices to be brought by the Revenue Administration, the company plans to add new services to its portfolio such as e-dispatch note, e-social security.


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January 2018

  1. Turkey digitizes logistics, agriculture and professional service invoicing

    Publicized in the Official Gazette #30273, the Communiqué unfortunately is on voluntary usage of  the much awaited e-dispatch note, farmer’s receipts and professional service receipts (i.e. medical doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.).

November 2017

  1. Turkish retail giants move into more digitization as per TRA permit

    Turkish obligations for usage of “new generation” online fiscal cash registers (“FCR”) and mandatory receipts has been readjusted for taxpayers in organized retail sales sector. eFinans provides you with an update.

August 2017

  1. Turkish Social Security Institution to receive e-invoices starting Oct’17

    Following previous successful on-boardings the Turkish Social Security Institution (“SGK”) has announced on 22/08/2017 that it shall receive e-invoices as of 01/10/2017.

  2. Turkey moves to enlarge e-bill and digitize logistics, agriculture and professional service invoicing

    The Turkish Revenue Authority (“TRA”) has published on 25/08/2017 not one, but two draft communiqués on more digitization.

    The first draft consists of bringing a change in the obligatory use of the Turkish e-bill project (“e-arsiv”). The current legislation obligates taxpayers that have made any amount of sales over e-commerce and surpasses the total annual gross […]

June 2017

  1. Turkish Export and tax-free invoicing: eFinans informs its 130+ ERP partners

    eFinans hosted its ERP partners at its biannual technical seminar to inform its partners on developments in the Turkish e-transformation field, export e-invoicing, tax-free e-invoicing and the upcoming e-dispatch notes.

April 2017

  1. eFinans and Tesisquare joins forces for e-invoicing in Turkey

    The strategic partnership between Tesisquare and eFinans involves tax compliant e-Invoicing projects with value added services, in Turkey.

February 2017

  1. First-ever live tax-free e-invoice transaction in Turkey

    This first-ever tax-free e-invoice in Turkey was performed with valuable participations from eFinans’s esteemed partners: LaCoste, Global Blue and the Turkish Customs and Revenue Administration

December 2016

  1. eFinans and Basware join forces for e-invoicing in Turkey

    The agreement is the 1st deal Basware has signed with a Turkish e-Invoice service provider. This is the second cooperation agreement eFinans has concluded with an EESPA member.

November 2016

  1. Turkish export and tax-free e-invoices have to go through the TRA’s systems

    Turkish firms who are obliged to use e-invoicing shall also issue (1) touristic tax-free invoices and (2) merchandise export invoices via the Turkish Revenue Authority’s e-invoicing systems.

July 2016

  1. eFinans and TESISQUARE join forces for e-invoicing in Turkey

    eFinans and Tesisquare, the two leading companies of digital transformation, join their forces for the projects of electronic invoicing in Turkey. This strategic partnership involves Turkish tax compliant e-invoicing projects with value added technical and financial services by this partnership.