Leveraging AP Automation to Create a Successful Early Pay Program [download]

May 21st, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Successful AP managers are increasingly turning to early pay programs as the means to drive more value from AP operations. To learn how you can use AP automation to strengthen supplier relationships and generate huge savings, view this webinar from Basware and industry veteran Tom Glassanos. You will also be able to download the presentation materials below the recording.

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United Biscuits processes 54.000 purchase invoices a year in JD Edwards with ISProjects

May 21st, 2014 by in Europe, Invoice Automation

United Biscuits Northern Europe processed annually about 54,000 incoming invoices into JD Edwards. These invoices are processed and booked in five different companies in three countries and in three different languages.

Spread over several (sub)sites nearly 150 people are involved in the capture, booking, approval and further processing of the incoming invoice flow. There was a need for improved efficiency of invoice processing.

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Medius North America awarded with ReadSoft partner of the Year 2014

Medius has been awarded with the prestigious ReadSoft Partner of the Year Award in North America. The prestigious award was presented by the President and CEO of ReadSoft North America Bob Fresneda at the ReadSoft North America User Conference.

Henry Ivarsson, General Manager of Medius North America: “Our partnership with ReadSoft is of great importance to us, therefore it is an honor that our efforts are being recognized in this way. Medius is growing in a rapid pace in the North American market, and our partnership with the team at ReadSoft is a central part in this development.”

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Jordan launches nationwide electronic billing and payment platform: eFawateerCom

Jordan has introduced eFawateerCom. The nationwide EBPP platform that lets people receive and pay their bills electronically from computers, ATMs and POS terminals from all over the country.

Most of the large Jordanian billers are “expected” to join eFawateerCom within the next 12-16 months. Meanwhile the Jordan government will use the platform to manage customs duties and taxes, again combating tax avoidance

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Italy shortens its mandatory B2G einvoicing implementation deadline

As of June 6 2014, electronic invoicing will be mandatory for Italian ministries, the Tax Agency and state security bodies, as well as their suppliers. Other public agencies and their suppliers will have to join nine months later. So, the rollout of electronic invoicing in the Italian Public Sector will be completed by 31 March 2015.

The initial deadline for switchover completion was 6 June 2015, one year after the first stage was started up. However, the Decree-Law issued on 24 April in the Official Gazette brought this period forward two months.

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What is really the importance of e-invoicing to improve company’s O2C process?

E-invoicing seems to be a commoditised offering – less and less service providers are talking only about e-invoicing and everybody are trying to have wider offering. OpusCapita has conducted a market Survey in March 2014 in order to find out the importance of e-invoicing compared to other topics inside company’s O2C process. Finance people from 450 companies in Nordic were interviewed.

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Snow Byte & the Seven Formats: A Digital Alzheimers Fairy Tale

May 19th, 2014 by in Adoption, Digitalisation

The wish for digitisation and its adoption initiatives are of course very important. But measured over the time it is perhaps even more important to ask how we can ensure that we can continue to make use of digitises information in the very future?

Not important, do you think? Then you’ll be disappointed. It is a already becoming a widespread problem. Just take a look at this Youtube video.

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GE contracts Tungsten Network to process over 16 mln einvoices per year

Tungsten Network (Formerly known as OB10) has been contracted by General Electrics to rollout a multi-year electronic invoicing and adoption programme into every GE location on the world. The potential invoice volumes to be processed can grow to as much as a whopping 16 million per year. GE also decided to use Tungsten’s Invoice Status Service: to give suppliers visibility of the status of their invoices.

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UK E-invoicing Debate Takes Off after a Government Inquiry Report [download]

A UK Government Inquiry Report into e-invoicing was recently launched by members of parliament, to look at how the technology could save the UK public sector money by enabling more efficient procurement and payment processes.

The report explores the benefits and barriers of E-Invoicing, how it is currently used in the private sector and in other countries. It proposes a series of recommendations that could be implemented by policymakers to encourage greater adoption.

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Benchmark your business with this Purchase-to-Pay Manifesto [eBook]

May 17th, 2014 by in Publications, Supply Chain Finance

Cash is king. Run out of cash and your business is history. And yet, many finance professionals still do not have the level of visibility and control they would like. By providing a far more accurate view of your company’s working capital, you reduce the need for expensive borrowing. As a result, you have more agility to make the right decisions for your business.

That is why Basware came up with the The Purchase-to-Pay Manifesto. This will help you to..

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